The AIM-X brand was established to become the world’s leading public health emergency management solutions company. We supply global bulk purchases of medical protection products as well as the integration of supply chain and production capacity for medical protection supplies to Governments, NGO’s and Tier 1 listed companies worldwide.


AIM-X, via its stakeholders in its group holding, has global emergency response plans and outbreak prevention and control management experience in the fields of public health and medical supplies which are in short supply, carrying out bulk buying of raw materials and optimising the integration of resources.


Our versatile ‘Epidemic Protection Kit’ for professional and personal use was specifically developed to provide a universal solution to a global problem. These kits enable the full 100% protection of one person in a variety of biologically hostile and dangerous environments. The ease with which such protection can be deployed is what makes this product so versatile given the urgency of the current global situation.


This is primarily due to the fact that AIM-X is in control of the entire supply chain via the ownership of the raw materials facilities, factories owned by its parent holding company in China, additional manufacturing facilities co-operating in a joint venture with AIM-X, the internal logistics and freight forwarding via its in house fleet of vehicles as well as the ownership of several private planes for the delivery of the goods to global destinations.



A hopeful message from Ambassador Dame Leith Eaton

Presentation from V4AC founder Karin Nagi

Introduction to Aim-X Foundation by Charles Ruffolo

AIM-X Foundation

The purpose of the Aim-X Foundation is to work with partners and key stakeholders towards the creation of a fairer, more sustainable world that will leverage technical and financial resources to fight the current pandemic as well as to prevent future pandemics. The vision of the founders is to promote cooperation and dialogue on designing solutions to the challenges faced by many people in vulnerable situations trying to cope with consequences of the crisis. The foundation will further invest in, develop, support and nurture a contemporary knowledge share framework through which governments, sector experts, NGOs and charities can work together to mitigate the current crisis. The foundation will then adopt a proactive approach to pandemic prevention by working with stakeholders in key sectors to promote innovative projects that help communities build resilience and resources for socio-economic development. The Foundation will work with members and partners to promote sector-wide projects that impact the livelihoods, especially of vulnerable populations residing in rural areas that lack resources to cope with the impacts of the pandemic. This is a global worldwide approach that includes developed and developing economies. These project activities will be centered around key sectors related to: Health, Education, Energy, Water, Environment.


These activities will be carried out in partnership with UN organizations, National Government Ministries, Academic Institutions worldwide, Regional Economic Communities, Regional/Multinational Development Banks and Philanthropic Foundations and Organizations. The private sector will be called upon as a key partner in helping the Foundation to unlock and design the appropriate solutions required for helping the more vulnerable segments of the population to cope with the health, economic and social crisis brought on by the pandemic.